Good News

Important Notice: Currently throughout Indonesia the state run Electricity Company PLN is suffering from a shortage of generating facilities which means that it is operating a rotating blackout policy throughout many regions.

For Bali it means that they are frequent and surprise power outages in the Sanur area and this is likely to continue well into 2012. So to eliminate any possibility of the Lazy Dog Villa not having power in the future we now have purchased and installed our own generator. The generator is a completely ‘standalone’ ‘super-quiet’ system from the leading American manufacturer. We have carefully selected the model in order to ensure quiet operation, quality and reliability. 

The system is fully automatic and starts up in around 15 seconds of the mains power going off.  This means, in effect, that we a have a fully integrated backup system which allows the villa to operate as normal - completely independent of the PLN mains power supply.